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Kathryn is an intutive energy healer who specializes in catering to her clients individual needs.  She intuively senses what would best serve her client energetically.  She has an insight into the vibrational nature of her clients past, present and future and is able to offer insight and advice that a client may not be able to see clearly at the time.  She is also a medium and can receive information and messages from energies who are no longer a part of our physical world. 


Kathryn has led her diverse clientele to live more healthy, abundant and prosperous lives.  Through her intutive gift and guidance, clients have been empowered to follow their dreams and callings.  They have gone on to start successful business' and non-profits, heal from past trauma, fully recover from cancer and go from bankruptcy to complete financial freedom.


Kathryn feels humbled and honored to work with each client she sees.  She enters each appointment open and ready to serve the higher good, meeting each person exactly where they are on their own life path.  She feels that her gifts are not of her, but rather she is merely a vessel to bring people into their higher selves.

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