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"Kathryn's intuitive gifts have opened up blocked avenues that I could not have seen without her guidance.  I've listened to and embraced her insights as I pushed myself through life's challenges.  I highly recommend opening your ears and heart to her."

- DONNA (AGE 52)

"Kathryn is really nice.  Her room was really warm when I saw her which made me comfortable.  She helped me by telling me to use my voice and she reminded me to keep smiling."

- MAE (AGE 8)

"Kathryn did a session with me shortly after my father passed away.  The amazing thing was that Kathryn told me the things that only I would know that she had no knowledge of prior.  She is fantastic and helped me get the closure I needed, not to mention, kept me on my path."

- RON (AGE 51)

"As a child, I never felt like I fit in.  I felt like my differences were wrong.  When I saw Kathryn for the first time, she helped me to realize that my differences are actually my strengths and spiritual gifts.  Kathryn's guidance helped me to see my path more clearly.  Her ability to help me see my true self, my light and my gifts has offered me something that I can't put into words."


Afternoon Light


"I was in a very difficult time in my life when I first met Kathryn.  She immediately knew that something was wrong and explained what she felt.  I was amazed with how she was able to know that I had just been diagnosed with a brain aneurysm.  I had a 10% chance of living.  Kathryn was able to guide me in the unresolved spiritual work I had to do.  She intuitively felt that I would make it through surgery with flying colors and I did.  Her guidance gave me comfort and ease through my difficult time." 


"Kathryn helped me heal from my past and made me realize what I should be doing for my future.  She's real, patient and awesome.  The things I am doing in my life now would not have happened without Kathryn."

- OMY (AGE 31)

"Working with Kathryn has been a pivotal turning point in my life.  Her gifts are just exceptional---as an intuitive, as a healer, and as a very gifted coach and guide.  Specifically her ability to read energy and to identify specific, unique gifts and talents, as well as limiting beliefs, areas of "stuckness", health needs, and so on, in every area of my life, has been extremely accurate.  Although we have not met in person and work via phone, I have never known an intuitive healer who has such an ability to pinpoint what needs to be released and healed, and then to facilitate healing in a manner that is so powerful and lasting.  Our last healing session was so profound.  This session changed my life, giving me much needed clarity about my path.  She helped me clear childhood issues and limiting core beliefs that have held me back.  She also used her intuitive gifts to help identify specific ways for me to move into my life's work--helping to reinforce my own intuition, and guiding and supporting me in ways that have changed the way I relate to others, and life my life.  With Kathryn, I feel I can do and be who I came here to be.  She is a gift from spirit and I will forever be grateful to work with someone who knows me to my core, and who has helped me to heal, and to empower myself to live a life I have always dreamed of."


"Kathryn is an amazing healer!  She has a true gift!  She is genuine, honest and caring and she can tune straight into your energy, giving crystal clear direction and helping to remove the blocked energies.  Her intuition is sharp on every level---mind, body and spirit.  And she will give you the tools you need to actively work on shifting you in the right direction in life.  Her intuitive skills are spot on and she will help you gain inner peace, clarity and so much more!  I have worked with a lot of spiritual advisors and she is a true gem."


"I have worked with Kathryn for the better part of two years.  She has helped me to rediscover my truths, long buried.  Her insight, encouragement, and affirmations have helped me tremendously.  Her gift has touched the lives of family and friends, and we are all better for it.  She is the real deal."


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